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Our Teaching Philosophy
We believe in the technique of building the golf swing from the ground up.  Basic fundamentals are crucial in order to improve your game. Our students are given drills and exercises to do at home, and if you do these drills and exercises for just 5 minutes a day, it's the same as hitting 400-500 golf balls!

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About Jon
Jon has taught golf since 1984, given over 50,000 golf lessons (over 38,000 hours) in his career throughout the United States and United Kingdom.

He currently is the owner of The Jon Manos Golf Academy at The Closter Golf Center, which is the largest golf range in the U.S.

What Others Say About Us

  • "Jon's style of teaching is both flexible and traditional; via a willingness to take fundamental stroke theory and practice, and teach it through varied and creative strategies. As a teacher, he inspires me. I am continually amazed at the level of patience he maintains for all his students. I can honestly say that I would not have taken a years worth of lessons if it were not for my confidence in his teaching and the success I have experienced. It is with pleasure that I universally recommend him. In fact, my wife and her sister are current beginners and taking lessons with Jon."

    Tom P.Riveredge, NJ
  • "Jon rebuilt my game from the ground up. He added 30 yards to my seven iron, and fifty yards to my driver. He teaches just the right amount of theory and fundamentals. I still make plenty of mistakes, but I can now correct myself, I now know what I did wrong, and I know what to work on. Since taking lessons with Jon I went from a 30 handicap to 23. Best of all, Jon remembers to always make the game fun. THANKS JON!"

    Richard K.Riveredge, NJ
  • "Jon has done a wonderful job with my golf game. Over the 8-9 years we have worked together, he has re-tooled my golf game, one step at a time. He has never tried to totally change my swing; other golf professions have suggested that I need to have "heart surgery", Jon on the other hand, has taken it one minor surgery at a time. This approach works best for me. As a result, I have reduced my handicap by 1/3 and have won numerous tournaments within my handicap range. THANK YOU JON!!!!"

    Ira C.Alpine, NJ
  • "I've been playing for 12 years. Before I started taking lessons with Jon in 2006, my handicap was 18-20. After one year with Jon, my handicap was down to an 11. The repetition of the most basic elements of the golf swing through Jon's fundamental approach, have brought consistency to the tempo of my swing, the trajectory of my shots and the overall results of my round."

    Garrett S.Woodcliff Lake, NJ
  • "I've been playing for 20 years. Jon Manos as a method of teaching golf which combines his expertise in the game with a very relaxed and calming manner of instruction. He is very intense and works you hard because he wants you to improve as much as you WANT to improve your game. This technique makes you strive even harder. Through Jon's expert guidance I was able to correct my grip, swing, alignment and follow through, and I greatly improved my game by taking several strokes off my score."

    Paul N.Paramus, NJ